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Michael Sherrod

Post by mlsherrod » Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:16 pm


I came from Huntsville, AL and understudied with the brilliant Steve Mouzon, who introduced me to PC4 (exact version & years are hazy).

After 20+ years, PowerCADD is still my main work horse for drawing anything 2D.

Now, adding Sketchup into my design flow, I have a great combination to be able to visualize the 2D with the 3D world.

There's really nothing comparable to the ease of drawing with PowerCADD. Lines, arcs, squares, all copy directly to other products, for useful compatibility (think Adobe products). PowerCADD line weights, fills & transparencies help me to create the most wonderful drawings to show design intent in the most clear and precise manner.

I am now in North Florida, working away, every day.

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