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Dual screen issue

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:33 pm
by Paul H
I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mojave v.10.14.6 and a 27" LG monito, with PowerCADD v.9.1.11 (Build TA30) and WildTools v.10.1.3 v5.

When the Mac goes to screen saver or more often when it falls asleep, if I step away for a break, when the Mac is awakened the program running on the 27" screen will shift to the smaller Mac screen and the drawing window will remain the same size when it was on the 27" screen. This does not allow me access to the menu bar or an ability to resize the screen or bring it back to the 27". The only way I've found to solve the issue is to quite the program and restart. It's frustrating and embarrassingly I've tolerated it for years.

Surely there's a simple way to resolve this that I'm blind to. Yes?