Two Nudge Issues

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Two Nudge Issues

Post by Matt_A » Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:01 pm

I have a feature request and a bug to report, both with regard to nudge.

Bug: Using a layer with a scale set differently from the drawing document, when changing to that layer, nudge remains calibrated to the document scale, not the layer scale. To force an update you must visit the gear and reset the layer scale (to the scale it is already set to); only then will the Nudge and Edit windows display and function correctly to scale. This is a pain.

Feature request: I would like it a LOT and use it A LOT if there were two permanent nudge slots, one that is: Exactly the printable page width, and one that is exactly the printable page height. So if I have a multi page, tiled drawing, I could always nudge anything to the EXACT SAME PLACE on another page's (eventual) paper. The nudge slots would be permanent but the amounts would update, depending on the page size set for the drawing. Anyone else think this would help? The nudge might display text that says "Current page width" and "Current page height" rather than the numerical or 'in scale' amount.

This way, for example, you could copy and move your titleblock to multiple pages and it would be in the same place on all the printed pages. Also you could keep plans and elevations in registration without a lot of manual calculation.

Add: actually the nudge slot could simply be Page Size and if you nudge left or right it uses the width and if you nudge up or down it uses the height. Much more efficient.

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